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Bonn SDG Fellowships 2025 in Germany | Partially Funded

Are you interested to study in Germany? Bonn Sdg Fellowships 2025 in Germany are now open for applications. The international students from the eligibile regions of the world are encouraged to apply for these prestigious fellowships in Germany. Bonn SDG Fellowships 2025 are offered for the excellent candidates belonging to South & East Asia, Africa, and Latin America. These regions are the central focus point because of the persistence fo significant challenges in achieving SDGs. The Bonn University collaborates with various other academic and research institutions to resolve the challenges in those regions. So, if you’re looking for such a prestigious award in Germany, the Bonn SDG Fellowships 2025 provide you with that opportunity.
The prestigious fellowship in Germany offers a chance for international postdoctoral fellows to collaborate with tenured professors on different research projects of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined in the Agenda2030 of the UN for sustainable development. The international fellows will be able to create impactful solutions and bring positive change change through multiple research related activities aligned with the aim of SGDs. Bonn SDG Fellowships 2025 in Germany for international postdoctoral scholars allow the individuals to carry out their research at one of the prestigious global universities.
The Bonn University offers partially funded financial assistance to the highly motivated and dedicated international postdoctoral fellows from eligible areas of the world. Not only that, but these fellowships also offer a considerable amount of funding to aid the research expenses, an allowance to cover travel expenses as well as a monthly stipend depending on the country of origin. Thus, the fellowship in Germany offers an amazing opportunity to conduct postdoctoral research without facing financial burden. Further details about Bonn SDG Fellowships 2025 in Germany are given in the below given sections.

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About Bonn SDG Fellowships 2025

Bonn SDG Fellowships
The University of Bonn
Degree Level:
Postdoctoral research
3 to 12 months
Partial Funded
Application Deadline:
April 30, 2024

Eligibility Criteria of Bonn SDG Fellowships 2025 in Germany

Bonn SDG Fellowships 2025 are considered among the most popular postdoctoral fellowship awards in Germany for international students. The eligibility criteria of these fellowships in Germany is given as;
  • The candidates belonging to the eligible countries of origin Latin America, Africa, South and East Asia will be preferred for the award of Bonn SDG Fellowships 2025.
  • The applicants are encouraged to collaborate on joint research projects with experienced professors at the Bonn University.
  • The interested candidates must be enrolled at a recognized university or research institution in the specified regions beyond the duration of fellowship either in teaching or research capacities.
  • The interested candidates must possess capabilities in a research area aligned with the theme of SGDs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Benefits of Bonn SDG Fellowships 2025

The Bonn University offers multiple benefits along with partial funded financial assistance for international students selected through Bonn SDG Fellowships 2025 in Germany. The benefits include;
  • The selected fellows will receive a considerable amount of financial aid with a monthly stipend of €3,000 and €300 and €250 additional for spouse and for each child respectively.
  • An allowance on travel will also be provided to the fellows of specific regions.
  • A research allowance of about €500 per month will also be disbursed.
  • It is a prestigious opportunity to study in Europe.

Selection Criteria of Bonn SDG Fellowships 2025

The selection criteria of Bonn SDG Fellowships 2025 to evaluate the project proposal depends upon two project categories;

1- Academic Quality and Mutual Benefit (50%):

  • It emphasizes to address the projects that are aligned with the SGDs outlined in the Agenda2030 of the United Nations.
  • Assessing the research projects quality throughout the duration of fellowship.
  • Evaluate the contribution of the fellow candidates through public seminars and lectures during their time span at Bonn University.

2- Potential for Future Cooperation and Strategic Relevance (50%):

  • Consideration of the relations between Bonn research profile and the proposed research.
  • Assessment of the ideas to establish long-lasting research connections between host institute and the research fellows.

Documents Required for Bonn SDG Fellowships 2025

The required documents for Bonn SDG Fellowships 2025 in Germany for international students is given as;
  1. CV
  2. Identity Proof
  3. Project Description (8 pages max)
  4. Financing Plan
  5. Others (if required)

Application Deadline of Bonn SDG Fellowships 2025:

The proposed deadline of Bonn SDG Fellowships 2025 in Germany for international students is given as; April 30, 2025.

How to Apply

The application process of Bonn SDG Fellowships 2025 in Germany for international students is online. All the interested international candidates must fulfill the eligibility criteria and submit their applications online along with supporting documents before the end of deadline by below given apply links.

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