Free Online Chinese Course by Peking University | Fully Funded

Free Online Chinese Course by Peking University | Fully Funded

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As usual, Opportunities360 is pleased to provide another brilliant opportunity to learn Chinese language for international students and people under Free Online Chinese Course by Peking University. Applications are now open for Free Online Chinese Course by Peking University for all the international candidates.
Free Online Chinese Course by Peking University is now available on Coursera, offered by Peking University which is named as ” Chinese for beginners”. The course is totally free of charge and online. The courses under Free Online Chinese Course by Peking University are beginners level course about Chinese language, communication, grammar and speaking. The course is taught by an associate professor at Peking University, Xiaoyu Liu. Chinese course for beginners is free for everyone who want to learn Chinese language. As we all know that China is going to be a Business Hub And its trade is increasing day by day worldwide, the Chinese language is getting more importance. The world will be shaped by Chinese people in near future, so the time now is perfect to learn and become Master in Chinese language for a better communication.

Table of Contents

Description of Free Online Chinese Course by Peking University

A short description of “Chinese for beginners” Free Online Chinese Course by Peking University is given below;
  • Course Title: Chinese for beginners
  • Organization: Peking University
  • Host Country: China
  • Host University: Peking University
  • Course length: 21 hours
  • Fee: Free of cost
  • Specificity: International
  • Application mode: Online
  • Nationality: Any
  • Deadline: December 31, 2021.

Some words about Peking University China

Peking University is a research based institution of China located in the city Beijing. This is the One of the universities in C9 league of Chinese universities.The Peking University was established by Guangxu Emperor in 1898.

About the Course

Chinese for beginners course is divided into seven weeks. The course contents are given below; 
1. Who Are You?
2. When Do You Go To School?
3. What Do You Like To Eat?
4. I Like Shopping!
5. Do You Live in a Big City?
6. How About the Weather?
7. What is Your Hobby?

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for Peking University’s “Chinese for beginners” is given below;
  • All the international people can join and learn this course
  • The course is a beginner level so there are not any prerequisites to get the course excess
  • No age restriction
  • The interested learner must have an access to internet with a better connectivity to learn this course.

Benefits of free online by Peking University

The advantages of free online course by Peking University are given below;
  • No registration fee
  • No age restriction
  • Free of cost course access
  • Available for all the international people
  • Learning opportunity of Chinese language, one of the most spoken languages in the world

Some other details

The course is taught online.
An associate professor from Peking University China namely Xiaoyu Liu, teaches this course.
Chinese for beginners course takes approx. twenty one hours to complete.
It is taught in English language with Greek, French, Arabic, Siberian, Ukrainian, Brazilian, Italian, European, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Russian, German, Thai, Urdu, English, Polish, Marathi, Spanish subtitles.


For this Free online course by Peking University is the deadline is 31st of December, 2021. So anyone interested to learn Chinese language can enroll himself/herself to avail this opportunity.

How to apply

The interested candidates will have to register an account on Coursera or log in to their account if already have an account and then enroll themselves.
Follow the links below to apply or more info.

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